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Insteon 2582-232 Comfort Home Automation Kit BRAND NEW

Insteon 2582-232 Comfort Home Automation Kit BRAND NEW

Insteon 2582-232 Comfort Home Automation Kit BRAND NEW   Insteon 2582-232 Comfort Home Automation Kit BRAND NEW

INSTEON Comfort Home Automation Kit. Is a prepackaged bundle that includes an INSTEON Hub, two Dimmer Modules and a Wired Thermostat. This kit works together, allowing you to wirelessly control the lighting and temperature in your home, even from remote locations. The included INSTEON Hub features Ethernet connectivity for interfacing with your home network.

Once connected, you can download the free INSTEON control app for setting up and controlling your connected devices from a smartphone, tablet or computer. The app can be found in the Google Play, Apple, Amazon and Windows app stores.

In addition to the included items, the INSTEON Hub supports a variety of INSTEON home automation devices. Each included Dimmer Module has a 2-prong interface for connecting a lamp for remote lighting control. Using the INSTEON user interface, you can control light output by selecting a specific percentage.

For direct access, brightness and dimming buttons are also located directly on the modules. In addition to basic on and off control, you can even set lighting schedules and scenes. The INSTEON Wired Thermostat works with the INSTEON control app for adjusting the thermostat.

Using the app you can control the thermostat when you're away from your home. As an added convenience, you can set up a 7-day schedule, which means you don't have to interact with your system every day. With just a few taps, you can schedule your INSTEON devices to turn on and off at sunrise, sunset, or any time during the day.

Full dual-band support helps to ensure that your INSTEON commands are widely transmitted throughout your home. Control at Home or Away.

The Hub works in combination with your router and smartphone or tablet to control INSTEON devices in your home while you're there, or from a remote location. Instructions on how to set up remote access are included in the app, or you can call and have INSTEON support set it up for you. Instant Notification with Optional Sensors.

Create alerts by adding optional devices like water leak sensors, motion sensors, door/window sensors, and more. The Hub also stores the status of these sensors, so you can easily check on your sensors from within the app anytime. The INSTEON Hub stores your home's configuration in the cloud, which allows you to access this information wherever Internet access is available.

If you want to add another smartphone or tablet, you can download the app, sign in, and all your settings devices, scenes, icons, timers, etc. Add an optional wireless camera and you can see what the camera sees from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. The INSTEON cameras feature pan/tilt control and night vision.

You can control the optional Nest Learning Thermostat alongside your INSTEON devices. You can turn up the heat in the winter and lower the temperature during the summer. Once you set up temperature zones for each scenario, you can toggle back and forth between zones without leaving the INSTEON app.

INSTEON devices take advantage of powerline signaling to remain compatible with legacy X10 devices and controllers. While the INSTEON Hub supports X10, it supports the basic control and scheduling of your X10 devices. The INSTEON Hub and a wide-range of INSTEON modules are available for many parts of continental Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Bring Your Own Plug-In Lamp. The INSTEON Dimmer Module lets you connect any plug-in lamp.

If the lamp has a two-prong plug, the Dimmer Module will give you the power to control its lighting remotely. A customizable On-Level lets you pick how bright your lamp is when you turn it on. Set the brightness to be anywhere from 1 to 100%. Ramp Rates let you specify how quickly or slowly a lamp turns on, slowly brightening from off to on over the course of 0.1 seconds to 8 minutes.

Control multiple lights from a single button with Scenes. Using the INSTEON Hub, you can set lighting conditions for specific events such as watching movies. Scenes let you fade lights in and out with preset On-Levels and Ramp Rates. Featuring a compact design, the optional Mini Remote allows you to control your Dimmer Module from anywhere in your home without using the INSTEON app on your smartphone or tablet. 915.0 MHz US/Canada 869.85 MHz EU 921.0 MHz AUS/NZ. Up to 150' (45.7 m) open air. On, Off, Fast On, Fast Off, Begin Bright, Begin Dim, End Bright, End Dim, Incremental Bright, Incremental Dim, Set to XX Level, Beep. INSTEON PowerLine: Yes INSTEON Controller: Yes Maximum Controller Groups/Scenes: 100+ Maximum Scene Memberships: 400 Maximum Total INSTEON Links: 400 X10 Compatible: Yes Programming Lockout: Yes. 1 x Ethernet 1 x Power.

Dimmable LED: Yes, adjustable from off to bright via software Installation: Plug-in, optional wall-mounting UV Stabilized: Yes, polycarbonate plastic. All Settings Saved Through Power Outage: Yes, all saved in Non-volatile EEPROM Safety Testing and Certifications: Safety tested for use in USA and Canada. Audio Alert: Beeper, can be disabled through software Load Sensing: No Local Control: Yes Setup Memory: Non-volatile EEPROM Status LED: Red/Green LED. INSTEON Links: 400 INSTEON Messages Repeated: Yes INSTEON Minimum Receive Level: 10 mV INSTEON Minimum Transmit Level: 3.2 Vpp into 5 ohms INSTEON Powerline Device: Yes INSTEON Powerline Frequency: 131.65 kHz Maximum Controlled Scenes: 1 Maximum Scene Memberships: 400. Scene Commands Supported as Controller: On, Off, Fast-On, Fast-Off, Begin Brighten, Begin Dim, End Brighten, End Dim Scene Commands Supported as Responder: On, Off, Fast-On, Fast-Off, Begin Brighten, Begin Dim, End Brighten, End Dim, Beep.

Software Configurable: Yes Beep on Button Press: Yes, software configurable Beeper: Yes, software configurable Dimming Technology Employed: TRIAC Dimmer Enclosure Material: UV stabilized plastic Mounting: Ungrounded electrical outlet, NEMA 1-15 Set Button: Yes. NEMA 1-15 type Hardwired Remote Control: No Load Types: Plug-in incandescent lighting devices Maximum Load: 300 W Minimum Load: 5 W Pass-through Outlet: No Surge Resistance: Surges over 1000 V. Main Unit: Indoors Dimmer: Indoors. Main Unit: 32 - 104°F (0 - 40°C) Dimmer: 32 - 104°F (0 - 40°C). Main Unit: 0 - 85% relative humidity, non-condensing Dimmer: 0 - 90% relative humidity.

Dimmer: -4 - 158°F (-20 - 70°C). Main Unit: 100 to 240 VAC ± 10%, 50 / 60 Hz ± 5% Dimmer: 120 VAC ± 10%, 60 Hz, single phase. Main Unit: 7.0 x 4.0 x 1.5" (17.8 x 10.2 x 3.8 cm) Dimmer: 3.2 x 2.1 W x 2.0" (8.1 x 5.3 x 5.1 cm). Main Unit: 5 oz (142 g) Dimmer: 5.2 oz (147 g).

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  • Smart Home Protocol: Insteon
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Insteon 2582-232 Comfort Home Automation Kit BRAND NEW   Insteon 2582-232 Comfort Home Automation Kit BRAND NEW