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GSM Wireless Controller Remote Monitoring Control Home Automation GTC812

GSM Wireless Controller Remote Monitoring Control Home Automation GTC812

GSM Wireless Controller Remote Monitoring Control Home Automation GTC812   GSM Wireless Controller Remote Monitoring Control Home Automation GTC812

9 INPUTS INCLUDING POWER SUPPLY VOLTAGE MONITORING VIA SMS MESSAGES. FREE CONFIGURATION AND DIAGNOSTIC SOFTWARE TRY IT NOW! Device is made in European Union. Individual protection of houses, garages, cottages and other premises.

For remote monitoring and control of premises and for control via GSM network. Remote control of the devices via GSM network.

Automation of premises, temperature and voltage control. GSM Mobile GSM Gate Opener you simply dial to open..

No call cost - more control. Key features of the module. 1 inputs for arm/disarm the security system. 4 programmable 1.5A OC outputs for remote control or for fulfillment of selected function. 1 output for monitoring of systems state. 16 users who receive information about protected object. Reception of information in a form of SMS or via DIAL short call.

ARM/DISARM and outputs control by using Maxim-Dallas iButton keys (iButton DS1990A - 64 Bit ID). 400 users being able to control gate or electromagnetic lock via free short call. ARM/DISARM of the system via free short call. For temperature control, tracking, alarm and control.

Remote voice listening option via external microphone. Option to connect BELL for alarm indication. FLASH feature may be used for direction indicators on arming or disarming or in the event of alarm. Sending of periodical test including system parameters. SMS about state of each sensor, alarms, power supply voltage and GSM communication level.

Automatically send alarm signals to preset telephones, no limit of distance free SMS text in your native language and short call additionally informs about system alarm. Voice listening via external microphone. Comfortable control of account balance in line with visibility of useful information. Very useful features is troubleshooting and testing of the module via USB PC; this saves time for installer and allows real-time monitoring of module parameters, input/output and GSM modem status (IMEI, SIM, registration) etc.

Testing and diagnostic of the module via USB by using program SERA. Remote set-up via SMS messages. Configuration of the module via USB. NO YEARLY SUBSCRIPTIONS REQUIRED, JUST NEED OTHER SIM CARD.. This product will work on these bands below which are used in Europe, US, Australia New Zealand, and many other Countries.

You can with GSM Mobile gate, door, garage, shutter Opener. If you answer yes to any of the above then you need our GSM Mobile gate, door, garage, shutter Opener. Once the call is accepted it is either accepted or rejected depending on whether the calling number is known and the mode setting. Just'speed-dial' a secure telephone number which identifies you as an Authorized User and the gate, door, garage, shutter s and Garage Door are opened.

There are no call costs to use the as all incoming calls are rejected once authorized. No more hanging about for people to arrive as the will allow you to open your gate, door, garage, shutters or Doors from anywhere in the World. Domestic, gate, door, garage, shutter d communities, business, clubs, public car parks, hospitals, hotels, factories, villas... Can all benefit from this system.

GSM Mobile gate, door, garage, shutter Opener can be used also as a long distance remote control. 4 - Universal: Will fit any new or existing installation 5 - Burglary Alarm: Will Get security alarm system features for same price!!

Business & Gated Community GSM Gate Opener. It also offers remote opening from anywhere on the globe so the owner can let workmen and visitors in while away. There are a number of options for business use and gate, door, garage, shutter d communities. Open Access: allowing anyone who knows the access number could be allowed to enter, the number given to both residents and visitors of the community or business. This means anyone who knows the number can operate the gate, door, garage, shutter /barrier. Caller ID Access: the unit set to secure mode means only numbers programmed the unit can operate it. If a number is withheld or unknown to the unit it is completely ignored. This means only known numbers can have free access and other visitors need to make their presence known in order to be allowed in. GTC812 module - 1 pcs. GSM antenna - 1 pcs. External temperature sensor -1 pcs. 1 kOhm resistors - 7 pcs. Mini CD - 1 pcs. GTC812 Controller & Alarm Security system. CD (Testing and Configuration Software SERA, drivers, manuals included). Mini USB cable to configure and test module via PC. 1 kOhm resistors - 6 pcs. Temperature sensor with 1 m cable.

If your location in European Union country and you are the company please send me your Company code and VAT number. I will prepare invoice if you need.

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  • Brand: "TOPKODAS" JSC Ltd.
  • Model: GTC812
  • MPN: GTC812
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Lithuania

GSM Wireless Controller Remote Monitoring Control Home Automation GTC812   GSM Wireless Controller Remote Monitoring Control Home Automation GTC812