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Bradley Smoker Temperature Controller, Dual Probe

Bradley Smoker Temperature Controller, Dual Probe

Bradley Smoker Temperature Controller, Dual Probe    Bradley Smoker Temperature Controller, Dual Probe

This plug-and-play PID temperature controller is for controlling the temperature of the Bradley Smoker and other electric smokers. The original temperature control mechanism of the Bradley Smoker is unstable and inaccurate. For the same dial position, the smoking temperature can vary significantly depending on content in the smoker, the ambient temperature, the wind speed, the ambient humidity, and even the direction of sunlight.

This controller uses a PID algorithm to automatically adjust power to the heater in order to compensate for these disturbances. This temperature control can hold the smoking temperature within one degree precision. This controller has two sensor probes (one free-hanging for cabinet, one food internal probe), 6 programmable steps, and an AC output that is synchronized with program step(s). Users can use the first probe to control the temperature of smoker cabinet. The second pointed probe is to be inserted into food so that the internal temperature can be monitored. The ending criteria of each step can be determined either by preset time, or by preset internal food temperature.

For cooking small sized foods or smoking the surface of a food, users can use the preset time as a reference point to finish the step. Using the internal temperature as the reference point is important for cooking larger sized food because it is difficult to know how much time is needed if the food is very thick. For example: You can program the temperature to start at 120 °F for 1.5 hour of smoking, increase to 132 °F for 2.5 hours and finish at 190 °F until the internal temperature reaches 170 F. Then, the controller can either turn on a buzzer to let you know the food is ready, or drop the temperature to a lower set point to keep the food warm until you are ready to serve it.

This will save you time waiting by the smoker to change the settings manually when each step is finished. The synchronized AC output can be used to turn on and off the smoker generator with the program step(s). For example, you can program the smoker to dry the sausage at 140F until the internal temperature reaches 100F (step 1), turn on the Bradley Smoker generator for 2 hours at 150F (step 2), then, turn off the generator to continue the next step.

This function might not be used for Bradley Digital Smoker because it has a built-in timer. Up to two program steps can by synchronized with the AC output. Front view of the controller. Back view of the controller. Input voltage : 100 to 240 VAC, 50 /60 Hz.

Output voltage : Same as the input. Maximum Current : 12A for 120VAC, 8A for 240VAC.

Controller Mode: PID, PI, PD or P. Output switching device: Built-in optically isolated solid state relay with zero voltage crossing switching. Control probe, 4 mm diameter x 40 mm long. Food internal temperature probe, 4 mm diameter x 150 mm. Probe cable length , 5 ft (1.5 meter) (both of them).

Timer range: 6 steps with 0.1 to 99.9 hours for each step. Temperature resolution: 1 °C or 1 °F. Temperature display unit: Celsius or Fahrenheit. Temperature display range: 0-200 °C, or 32-392 °F.

5 C (9 F) above ambient with smoker generator off, 22 °C (40 °F) above ambient with smoker generator on. Dimension: 6x3x6.7 inch (150x80x170 mm) WxHxD. Weight: 2.6 lb (1.3 kg). 1 For Bradley Digital Smoker owners, an extra power cord is needed. You can use a regular computer power cord of your own.

2 For international order, a US power cord is included (hardwired to the back of the controller). Users can splice the connector off the cord to a power strip outlet that meets the local standards for the output. For the input, the controller has standard IEC 320 C13/14 socket. Users can use a computer power cord that meets the local standard to power it. It will also work for Bradley Smoker that has an additional 500 watts heater installed.

If you are going to use it for larger smokers, you need make sure the total power drawn, including the smoker generator control output, should not exceed 1440 Watt at 120V (or 2000 Watts at 240V). The item "Bradley Smoker Temperature Controller, Dual Probe" is in sale since Thursday, July 14, 2011. This item is in the category "Consumer Electronics\Surveillance & Smart Home Electronics\Other Smart Home Electronics". The seller is "auberinstruments" and is located in Alpharetta, Georgia. This item can be shipped worldwide.

  • Model: WSD-1200GPH
  • MPN: WSD-1200GPH
  • Brand: Auber Instruments

Bradley Smoker Temperature Controller, Dual Probe    Bradley Smoker Temperature Controller, Dual Probe