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RadioRA2 LED Starter Kit Programmed just for You Lutron RadioRA 2 + Options

RadioRA2 LED Starter Kit Programmed just for You Lutron RadioRA 2 + Options
RadioRA2 LED Starter Kit Programmed just for You Lutron RadioRA 2 + Options
RadioRA2 LED Starter Kit Programmed just for You Lutron RadioRA 2 + Options
RadioRA2 LED Starter Kit Programmed just for You Lutron RadioRA 2 + Options
RadioRA2 LED Starter Kit Programmed just for You Lutron RadioRA 2 + Options
RadioRA2 LED Starter Kit Programmed just for You Lutron RadioRA 2 + Options
RadioRA2 LED Starter Kit Programmed just for You Lutron RadioRA 2 + Options
RadioRA2 LED Starter Kit Programmed just for You Lutron RadioRA 2 + Options
RadioRA2 LED Starter Kit Programmed just for You Lutron RadioRA 2 + Options
RadioRA2 LED Starter Kit Programmed just for You Lutron RadioRA 2 + Options

RadioRA2 LED Starter Kit Programmed just for You Lutron RadioRA 2 + Options    RadioRA2 LED Starter Kit Programmed just for You Lutron RadioRA 2 + Options
RadioRA2 LED Starter Kit Programmed just for You Lutron RadioRA 2 + Options. Get Access to Limited Time Offers. You've Got Color Choices!

RadioRA to RadioRA 2 Trade In Program. Discontinuation of Homeworks Illuminations & Sivoia QED Coming.

Wired Keypads Homeworks Illuminations Solution for Homeworks QS. Sivoia QED integration solution with Homeworks QS.

This is an amazing product at an even more amazing price - don't miss out as we have very few of these left in stock! Feel free to send a quick message to me with your cellphone number and I text you back with my contact information. This form can be used for Homeworks QS, Homeworks Illuminations or even the older RadioRA Classic even though it is setup for RadioRA2. I need this basic information to help you with your system design. Please provide confirmed mailing address & telephone number.

Replacement available if still in stock (may be different color). Please Note - RadioRA original is not compatible with Radiora®2 (Ra2). Unless I have time - used Homeworks, RadioRA or RadioRA2 units will need to be reset to factory (easy to do). Used units will show normal use with some scratches & not all will come with original packaging. In large systems this can add 3+ pounds to an order.

Need a whole house starter package - let me know and I will put one together for you. Once you experience light control - you'll never go back to flipping a switch - guaranteed.

Ask me if you need more - I may have new or used still in stock. I can help with most questions about installation as well. No more X-10 - Lutron is truly the only way to go. 60 Day Return if defective. 6NA dimmers are very sensitive so I do recommend you use an electrician to install - you must put brass to the light load, black to the hot line and the neutral to silver or you will short the switch out.

Don't assume your wires in your wallbox are correct. If you do not like the color - just let me know and I can order color change kit for you.

If another invoice is remitted before yours, stock may change. Quotes & inventory are both extremely time sensitive. This invoice does not include Installation or after installation support - If needed, please arrange a support package for such.

I only budget an hour design time for starter kits so if you need more time or have more questions - I'll need to invoice you for more design time hours. If you convert your starter kit to a larger system Smile - which most of you do - Thank you! - I will need the invoice paid (or a portion thereof) before we start the detailed design phase for your larger system. Lutron radically increased the price of color change kits in 2014. Quotes will be for white devices unless noted.

Please specify if you want all of the retail packaging. I will resell the devices if they are not perfect for you + issue you a credit after expenses. Start Living the Dream of Home Automation Today! Here is what a few of our clients have to say. Want Exclusive Access to Special Product Releases and Limit Stock Notifications?

Don't Delay as you could miss out on that device you so needed - Sign up Today! Did you know that Lutron's offers 26 different color options for their dimmers, switches & keypads? Plus on all of their accessory devices as well? There are also numerous different button combinations available on all of Lutron's Keypads. And we can order new button kits for you blank or professionally engraved.

Better yet - plan your next remodel and move all your dimmers and switches in to an equipment room so you can deploy only keypads throughout the house to lessen wall acne. This is my Favorite Installation Method! Just visit our website to see the different options available to you! Lutron has extended the RadioRA®to RadioRA®2 Trade in Program thru 2015.

The exact deadline is yet unknown so feel free to message me for more information. System must be professional programmed which I can help with. Are you new to the idea of Light Control? Or are you looking to add convenience to your life? Look no further - we can integrate Lighting controls, HVAC controls and even motorized Shading Solutions into a simple to use home automation system that you can control from your Smartphones &/or tablets.

But Don't Delay - Available programming slots & inventory are all time sensitive... I will help you customize the perfect system for your needs. We can even tie this in to a cellular modem controlled, self-monitored security system as well. Giving you one app to remotely control your Home, Vacation Home or even your Office (or even all three)!

Available programming slots & inventory are all time sensitive so don't delay & sign up today. Here are some of the new items just released. The Grafik T dimmer for RA2 requires designers with access to the highest level Inclusive programming software which we have. We will even upgrade all clients that reach the 10K mark to this version. It offers exclusive access to tools & devices not found in the essentials level programming software.

Looking for a Motorized Shading Solution? Look no futher - We specialized in several different shading solutions from Battery powered Cellular Shades & Roller Shades to wired power options for drapery tracks, venetian wood blinds, horizontal sheer shades, Kirbe Retractable Drapes and even dual Roller Shades so you can have both Privacy Sheers & Room Darkening Shades on one window. Keep in mind cost for these differs greatly. The wired Sivoia Shading line runs more than double this costs and even more if you choose from their designer line of fabrics - but you can get a bit more information by clicking here.

Good news for Homeworks Legacy & Homeworks Illuminations System Owners! Lutron has just released integration that will allow you to use your ST & STWD wired keypads with the newest Homeworks® QS Home Control system.

This is a huge savings for wired Homeworks Owners (sorry won't work for Wireless RF systems as they are not compatible). If you just want to add Smartphone & Tablet control to your existing Homeworks Illumination System - I can help with that for a fraction of the cost of upgrading to QS. I recommend any additions be ordered before September if at all possible. I do have quite a bit in inventory for now including Sivoia QED Roller motors but that will change soon due to demand. You can verify this and view more here. In an effort to better serve our growing HomeWorks QS and Sivoia QS businesses, effective September 30, 2015, HomeWorks Illumination and Sivoia QED will no longer be offered for new projects. Please plan on purchasing the required equipment for any HomeWorks Illumination or Sivoia QED projects currently in process before September 30, 2015. Please be very careful if you plan to install Lutron's Caséta Lighting control system in your own home! I have clients that want to add in scene controls and more options for occupancy sensors, shade controls, HVAC integration and keypads options and they are very upset to find out that there is no upgrade path to Lutron's RadioRA 2 system and NO options for occupancy sensors, HVAC integration or keypads options for Lutron's Caséta Lighting control system. You are better to source used RadioRA 2 devices if you want these options in the future rather than install the Caséta devices. Caséta also has some real limitations - beyond no keypads and occupancy sensors - it also has a limit of about 50 devices. While that may seem like a lot when you are getting started in one or two rooms, it is limiting once you are hooked on automating everything in your home.

I think I have 14 devices in my dining room and about 22 in my Great Room - HVAC, lamps, in wall dimmers, lamp dimmers, dual motorized shades on 3 windows, pico remote controls, tabletop controls, occupancy sensors, etc. Most of us become addicted to being able to control everything in our homes on timeclocks and via scenes & keypads. And if your network goes down - so does your control for your system. I do have some used RadioRA 2 devices in stock so you can have a top of the line system for less than retail. Lutron has just released integration that will allow you to use your Sivoia QED motorized shades with the newest Homeworks® QS Home Control system.

This is a huge savings for wired Homeworks Owners. Add Wireless Home Control to your life with Lutron RadioRA®2 Lighting, Theater & Appliance controls, Motorized Shading Systems, HVAC & even Alarm/Security integration. RA2 Radio RA 2 RadioRA 2. Or I can include lamp dimmers instead of in wall dimmers or non-dimming switches or a combination of your choosing. I will build & design a system just for you.

Change your life immediately with Radiora2 - Guaranteed you won't be disappointed and you will fall in love with your home all over again! Don't like white - see below as I have 26 color options. Not included with Best Offers.

RR-SINGLE-STR-WH Single Starter Kit also known as RR-FDN-INC-WH Foundation Package Starter Kit. Contact me directly with any questions - I use this system in my Home everyday & just love it! Want to dim LED or CFLs down to 10 Watts or MLV - I can do the RRD-6CL. Note any button configuration & color can be ordered when I send in your engraving request. I just need to know how you want your buttons labeled & I can take care of everything for you. Hybrids do not play well with LEDs so it may be best to do an in wall keypad instead. You can run a RA2 system without a repeater as long as you have 10 devices or less so the repeater can be added any time. But the repeater must be programmed & is required for smartphone/tablet control, HVAC integration plus timeclock access. Don't like white - see below as I have 26 color options for most of these items. I can order the color you want.

Basically if you can dream it I can make it happen. You definitely want this paid before the 6 months is up though.

Contact me directly - I use this system in my Home everyday & just love it! Lutron is offering an upgrade promotion right now if you want to upgrade from RA to RA2. And it is a nice offering as well - I have several clients taking advantage of this offer - message me for more details. If I do not have the exact color you want in stock - I can order that for you.

Want to get started right away? Time is of the essence as my inventory is time sensitive & I only have a few openings a month for programmed systems.

Don't like white- I can remedy that - See more Below. Lutron has 26 different colors for switches, dimmers, keypads + outlets with matching screwless wallplate color options - Including satin and stone colors - which can be changed easily at any time. Changing your wall color is harder!

- Switch plate can be changed without removing switch or mounting wallplate from the wall - decorators dream invention! They even have stainless steel wallplates (but not switches) - Black with stainless covers looks amazing in a modern home. Pair these with a motion sensor and you'll never have to touch a light switch again! See page 16 & 17 for photos of all of your color options.

I can order any color they offer for you. I have more new & some gently pre-loved Radiora2 items in stock. Contact me directly with any & all questions! Here to view an interactive demo. RA2 is the way to go - even Lutron admitted that RA2 would kill about 65% of their Homeworks installations when it was released.

I can also help with Homeworks QS installs as well - they are just much more expensive as QS is Lutron's Top of the line RF system. I have quite a few clients that now wiring all of their lighting circuits into a closet and then putting the keypads in the rooms instead of 4 or 5 gang banks of light switches. Usually if I can get a hold of the process soon enough - I can cure your home of Wall acne forever and I strongly recommend you consider this option. RA2 works perfectly & every time so you can install large button back lit keypads in your rooms engraved with what ever options you decide the buttons are to perform for you (you have up to 7 button keypads to take advantage of).

Absolutely a Fabulous option and looks gorgeous in both new homes & retrofits. This also works well if you have a basement or good crawl space. Install your dimmers down there and turn your wall boxes into keypad boxes or just install Hybrids.

I guarantee you'll be thrilled with the results & convenience. Picos allow you to control individual devices, whole room scenes, even the whole house from your car if you want them to. Whatever you can imagine or desire! I have one in my car to turn my lights on.

Another one that is my panic button - turns all my inside lights off and porch landscape lights on. Another that turns my Miele Coffee Cup Warming Drawer on so by the time I get to the kitchen I have a hot cup to make my espresso in. I have heard of people using them to turn on tea kettle or radio, etc. So much more than just light control.

These are also compatible with Maestro Wireless Mrf2 units and I can do almost the same thing for you with Lutron's Maestro line for a lot less with these picos - you just will not have the wall keypads or android, iphone, computer control options. Configure for use as a handheld control, car visor control, wall-mount control, or table top Available in (4) button configurations and (5) finish options Text and icon labeling options available for lighting, power and window treatment control. Lutron LRF2-OCRB-P-WH Radio Powr Savr Wireless. Occupancy & Vacancy Sensor - One of my most Favorite devices! I can not rave about these motion sensors enough - I have them in almost every room of my house - Follow the link and learn how to never touch a light switch again.

Secret Tip: These little sensors also allow you to add conditional programming to your RA2 system. Don't tell any one I told you this though. Side note: This processor is. Not required for small installations.

So you can start small and then add on a processor & more devices as your budget allows. Only needed in Larger Installations br>. RRR-VCRX (Controller / Visor Control). Control accessories br> Garage openers, sprinkler systems, contact closure ability. LR-3B-H-SW (In Car 3 Button) &.

In car visor 3 button to trigger any actions from garage door opening to outdoor lights to all lights on or off. RRD-3LD (Lamp Dimmer) Snow white or midnight. Control & dim any floor or table lamps 300 Watts Available in Black or Snow White. Has tap button very similar to the in wall dimmers. Very nice to look at.

RR-3PD will do the same - these are just designed to hide behind furniture and be paired with a pico or wall switch/dimmer. Both are Snow white or midnight br>. RR-T10RL (5, 10 or 15 Button Table Top) SSnow white or midnight.

You can go from a 15 to a 10 or a 5 with engraving but not the other way around. 5 button unit only have the 1 column active. Wireless 10-Button keypad for complete control of the home from anywhere. Comes with power adapter so no batteries required.

RRD-H6BRL (Dimmer + Keypad) br> &. Use only Lutron® Designer (Claro® or Satin Colors®) wallplates. The mechanical design of the Hybrid Keypad is NOT compatible with non-Lutron wallplates. Hybrid keypad & dimmer - Replaces a standard light switch - no need to add or cut in box.

Pick your wallplate size, choose gloss, satin or stainless & then message me the color you want. Please do the same for dimmers, switches & keypads.

This will dim your lights & allows for 6 light scenes at the same keypad. I keep quite a few of the 6 button Hybrids in stock but these can be custom ordered in several different configurations. Model #'s RRD-H1RLD, RRD-H2RLD, RRD-H3BSRL, RRD-H4SBRL, RRD-H5BRL, RRD-H6BRL.

Side note - Keypads come with engraving certificates so you can order any color you want + any button combination you want when you finally decide on the engraved button names you want. RRD-H4SBRL (Dimmer + Keypad) &. TThis is my personal Hybrid Favorite - It offer a 4 Button keypad & dimmer + has a Favorite Scene button + raise/lower.

This will dim your lights & allows for 4 light scenes at the same time. 7 Button keypad - allows for 7 light scenes or devices at the same time. 6 Button keypad - allows for 6 light scenes or devices at the same time + ability to raise & lower lights.

I keep quite a few of these in stock but these can be custom ordered in several different configurations as well. Model #'s RRD-W1RLD, RRD-W2RLD, RRD-W3BSRL, RRD-W4SBRL, RRD-W5BRL, RRD-W6BRL, RRD-W3BD, RRD-W5BRLIR, RRD-W7B. I also a quite of few of these gently pre-loved as most of my clients decide to upgrade to the Hybrids instead of cut in a box or discard a circuit. Wallplates with no visible means of attachment! These colors are available for almost everything.

Lutron Claro and Satin Colors wallplates snap on with no visible means of attachment. Lutron's Claro Wallplates - screwless face designer decor style. These are so lovely and you can get them from single gang up to 6 gang in 27 different color options including stainless steel.

Appliance Control - this is what I use with my Miele warming drawer. RD-RD (3 WAY SWITCH) Called companions. A 3-Way dimmer or switch follower/companion.

Should be placed at 3Way & 4Way+ circuits. Must also be used with keypads like the RRD-H6BRL-WH in 3 way circuits.

However, you can also use an in wall keypad in place of a companion. RRD-8S-DV (non-dimming switch - No neutral required). Use this switch with everything else that you do not want to dim or can not dim (fans, Fluorescent non-dim ballasts, etc). Please Note: If you do not have a Neutral/White Wire in your box you will need the RRD-8S-DV switch which is more expensive.

Very common for older homes not to have a neutral/white wire in the light switch boxes. This wonderful new device just released from Lutron - controls ceiling fans up to two amps, provides four quiet speeds, plus off does not require additional wiring or a canopy module. And can be paired with a pico for easy remote control fan use.

This will not control a ceiling fan light so be sure to you have a separate circuit for your fan & light. New Softswitch Module LMJ-16R-DV-B and the Wallbox Power Module - LQRJ-WPM-6P- WH. Message me for more details.

Yes - even the Plum Color is available! Up to 1000W circuit dimmer.. This can dim many fixtures connected on 1 single switch.

Up to 600W circuit dimmer. The 6CL can dim an LED or CFL bulb down to 10 watts and does not require a neutral. MLV as well but Not ELV. Lutron's Super Smart Adaptive Dimmer - Up to 600W circuit dimmer.

This will also work with some dimmable CFL & LEDs + Halogen & Incandescent + MLVs & ELVs. You must have a neutral/common/white wire in your box to use these.

Older homes typically do not. My 1920's home does not have neutrals or even grounds in 80% of the home. But the areas that were remodeled do. So double check your boxes. Neutrals are usually in bundle in the back of the box.

Really an amazing invention - message me for more details. - Color Change Kits are available. To match all in the 26 different colors. You can also change the faceplate on the outlet out as well if you change decor colors which is so fabulous. Lutron does not offer this option (at least not yet) but I have figured out how to do this on standard outlets without having to remove the outlet.

I changed my kitchen wall colors 4 different times before I got exactly what I wanted (that means I had to change out outlets, dimmers, + 2 keypads faceplates as well). This won't work on 20amp, GFCI or 220 outlets as they have to be removed to be color changed. You can do this for GFCI as long as you put in them in the basement or cabinets like I did and put the Lutron 15 amp outlets above as I wanted the color change ability Designers Dream & such a nice feature. Lutron has about 26 different color options available - you can do stainless screwless wallplates with black dimmers, switches, keypads, Stone look with several different options, or more classic look + 27 colors in matching screwless wallplates (huge upgrade over a standard screw in plate) Message me for a link to all of your color options. I did white dimmers & keypads with the almond screwless wallplates in my 1920s home.

Looks period appropriate to me. I had to learn this the hard way.

I can program & design your system + once you have the software - I can send & revise your programming file anytime you need me to and usually within less than 24 hours. I can also design & program virtual custom RA2 keypads to be used to control your system via this App as well! Takes me quite a bit of time though so I do charge more to do this but the additional convenience is amazing!

Changes made via the Home Control App will sync to the repeater so this makes the App super convenient to tweak your system quickly. Once you have the programmed system & you add certain Lutron items - you can truly have a fully automated house that you can control from your tabletop controllers, cellphone or tablet that is both eco friendly & green + convenient and enjoyable - a very hard combination to find. Fabulous for 2nd home or office control as well. Don't want to deal with the software? - I so understand & can help as well.

I now offer turn key RA2 system programming. I'll need this worksheet back + your long term plans and I can design your system for you. Typically programming of a RA2 starter kit tailored to your specifications takes about 4-5 hours. But most Reps charge the same amount or higher than the device costs. These all install like Normal Switches.

Switches/Dimmers that use a neutral and are CFL compliant. You can go DIY or hire an electrician.

6NA dimmers are very sensitive so I do recommend you use an electrician to install - you must put brass to the light load and black to the hot line or you will short the switch out. Total HVAC control with temperature averaging ability as well as remote control via smartphone & tablets.

Wireless Daylight sensor adds the option for your RA2 system to turns on your lights to a certain level depending how much light is outside. Tell me what you want your house to be - what perfect would be for you and I will make that happen for you!

I can put together larger or smaller kits depending on what you need. Yes - I work evenings & weekends so message me anytime.

If you need different items - just let me know and I can put a package together for you within a few hours. OR invoice you for the difference if you are adding more items to your home.

I can help with any other Lutron shading or drapery project. Sivoia Shades Motorized Drapery Tracks Wood Fascias for the Tracks Fabric Roman Shades Woven Shades The entire Roller shade line. I can order the Serena Shades as well but keep in mind these are individually IR controlled and will not integrate with an RA2 system. Where as the Sivoia units can be linked to an occupancy sensor and open when you come home or close when no motion is sensed, set to close at dusk to conserve heat loss - your imagination is basically the limit! This is next on my wish list for my own home!

Want to order Sivoia QS Wireless Honeycomb Shades? These are now called the QS Triathlon Shades which now includes a battery operated Roller Shade. Average price is for single cell fashion neutral Honeycomb shade that are battery powered in approximately a 28 wide by 36 high window. The fancier room darkening shades in the spun lace are more expensive. Please fill out the Cellular Shade Spec form and send it to me for a quick quote. These are amazing and so easy to install - single mount bracket. Available in any Roller Shade Fabric and some even up to 120.

Interested in Adding Motorized Shades to your Home? Consider adding Lutron's Sivoia QS Wireless Honeycomb or Roller Shades. I also carry the Serena shades but be aware these can not be added to timeclocks or RA2/QS automation systems.

They are pico remote controlled only. And trust me - having these shades auto open and auto close everyday is worth the extra expense.

Set them and forget them forever. I can preprogram an entire security system (up to 40 total devices including smoke & CO2 detectors) complete with a cellular GSM modem with a battery backup unit - works even if your telephone lines are cut and they shut off your power! Features include touchscreen display (Simon XTi), talking two way touchscreens for easy at door control, geo-fences, auto alarm schedules, arm/disarm from your smartphone, tablet or computer as well as image sensors that allow you to peek in during the day to check on pets, kids, plus images are taken during all alarm events.

You can even peek in on contractors working on your home plus add Schlage auto door locks and you can open the door & turn your lights on for them too! Plus you can even set event triggered rules with specific time frames - arm your system with the away mode in the evening and we can set it up to run an away theme and run a Welcome Home theme when you disarm and return. Or have an All Off theme when you leave and arm your security system during the day! And turn on all your lights when an alarm is triggered!

And so much more including even weather reports to your panel! Thank you for considering my item(s)!

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  • Brand: Lutron
  • Model: RadioRA 2 Starter Kit
  • Compatible Technology: RadioRA2

RadioRA2 LED Starter Kit Programmed just for You Lutron RadioRA 2 + Options    RadioRA2 LED Starter Kit Programmed just for You Lutron RadioRA 2 + Options